Learn EnviroDIY Programming: Glossary

Key Points

Arduino Basics for EnviroDIY
  • Arduino-framework microcontroller boards are designed to be programed to interact with the real world.

  • An Arduino code sketch has comments, statements and functions organized into two main blocks, the setup() function block and the loop() function block.

  • An Arduino has different pins, which are designated for analog or digital inputs and outputs.

  • The Serial Monitor allows you to view outputs that you send from your Arduino.

Arduino Intermediate Skills for EnviroDIY
  • Arduino libraries offer an amazing array of functionality, by providing higher-level functions.

  • Many libraries, including ModularSensors, use Object Oriented Programming, in which a class of objects is defined. A special type of function called a constructor creates an object of that class.

Connecting to GitHub
  • GitHub is a collaborative version control system, where changes are tracked over an entire directory of files that is called a repository.

  • GitHub enables multiple edits to be saved in a commit, and for a different version to be developed in a branch.

  • When contributing to someone else’s repo, you ask them to pull your code edits into their code base by issuing a pull request

Installing PlatformIO
  • PlatformIO provides an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that combines all the capabilities of the Arduino IDE along with many advanced capabilities of a code editor that you will come to appreciate.

Using PlatformIO and Mayfly
  • Translate skills from earlier tutorials using Arduino UNO and Arduino IDE to a new PlatformIO IDE and the EnviroDIY Mayfly logger.

Using PlatformIO Serial Monitor and Sensors
  • Translate additional skills from earlier tutorials using Arduino UNO + Arduino IDE to PlatformIO IDE + EnviroDIY Mayfly logger.

The Data Logging Cycle
  • All dataloggers manage a common sequence of steps, each of which requires coordination of many individual and often complex tasks.

Tour of Modular Sensors Library
  • Modular Sensors Library features. Cloning vs downloading repository. Using your own repository.

First Sketch: simple_logging.ino
  • Simple logging is a good way to test and deploy sensors and log to an SD card.

Introduction to Telemetry
  • Realtime data has numerous benefits to maintaining monitoring stations, timing the collection of samples, and engaging others.

  • Hologram.io is a cellular IoT connectivity consolidator and broker that provides low-bandwidth, low-cost plans and that massively simplifies the management of SIM cards that can operate in 196 counties over 550 carriers.

Set up Monitor My Watershed Data Portal
  • Create a repository at MonitorMyWatershed.org. Add variables to log from available sensors.

Second Sketch: logging_to_MMW.ino
  • Where to insert UUIDs into Modular Sensors sketches. How to view differences between sketches.