Second Sketch: logging_to_MMW.ino


Teaching: 10 min
Exercises: 30 min
  • Where in my sketch do I put UUIDs from Monitor My Watershed?

  • How do I find the changes that have been made to a sketch?

  • Log data to an online repository. Install and use split-diff package.

Episode 13: Your second Modular Sensors sketch


One of the advantages of working in a code editor is the ability to compare files within the editor. VSCode has this as an embedded extension.
Compare logging_to_MMW.ino and your version of simple_logging.ino in which you added sensors.
Set up logging_to_MMW.ino to run BME280 and/or DS18 sensors.
Connect sensors and upload sketch

Key Points

  • Where to insert UUIDs into Modular Sensors sketches. How to view differences between sketches.