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SodaqUBeeU201.h file

Contains the SodaqUBeeU201 subclass of loggerModem for the Sodaq UBee based on the u-blox SARA U201 3G cellular module.


class SodaqUBeeU201
The loggerModem subclass for the 2G/3G Sodaq UBee based on the u-blox SARA U201 2G/3G cellular module.


The modem type for the underlying TinyGSM library.
#define U201_STATUS_LEVEL = HIGH
The loggerModem::_statusLevel.
#define U201_STATUS_TIME_MS = 100
The loggerModem::_statusTime_ms.
#define U201_RESET_LEVEL = LOW
The loggerModem::_resetLevel.
#define U201_RESET_PULSE_MS = 75
The loggerModem::_resetPulse_ms.
#define U201_WAKE_LEVEL = LOW
The loggerModem::_wakeLevel.
#define U201_WAKE_PULSE_MS = 1
The loggerModem::_wakePulse_ms.
#define U201_WAKE_DELAY_MS = 0
The loggerModem::_wakeDelayTime_ms.
#define U201_ATRESPONSE_TIME_MS = 6000L
The loggerModem::_max_atresponse_time_ms.
#define U201_DISCONNECT_TIME_MS = 15000L
The loggerModem::_disconnetTime_ms.