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Sodaq UBee's and other u-blox modules module


There are several variants of the Sodaq UBee available. This library supports 2G [SARA G3xx], 3G [SARA Uxx] and LTE M1 [SARA R4xx], but not NB IoT only [SARA N2xx].

The classes for the UBeeU201 can be used for any other u-blox 2G or 3G based module.

The classes for the UBeeR410M can be used for any other u-blox LTE-M module.

Pin Numbers for connecting Sodaq UBees to a Mayfly

This applies to all Sodaq UBee's

const int8_t modemVccPin = 23;      // MCU pin controlling modem power
const int8_t modemStatusPin = 19;   // MCU pin used to read modem status
const int8_t modemResetPin = -1;    // MCU pin connected to modem reset pin
const int8_t modemSleepRqPin = 20;  // MCU pin used for modem sleep/wake request
const int8_t modemLEDPin = redLED;  // MCU pin connected an LED to show modem status
  • Power to the u-blox module is controlled by a switch connected to bee socket pin 9, which is Mayfly pin 23 NOTE: The power for the u-blox module is supplied by either a battery for 2/3G (U201/G3) modules or by bee socket pin 1 for LTE-M modules. In the case of the LTE-M module where power comes from pin 1, it could also be cut by setting pin 1 low, but neither the Mayfly nor this library support it.
  • The u-blox V_INT pin is connected to UBEE pin 12 which is connected to Mayfly pin 19.
  • The UBee pin 5 is connected to the u-blox RESET_N, but this is not connected to any pin on the Mayfly.
  • The u-blox PWR_ON pin (which controls deep sleep) is connected to UBee pin 16 which is connected to Mayfly pin 20.
  • I like to use the red LED to show the bee wake/sleep in addition to the LED on the UBee itself.


module Sodaq UBee LTE-M and other u-blox LTE-M Modules
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