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A sensor is some sort of device that is capable of taking one or more measurements using some sort of method. Most often we can think of these as probes or other instruments that can give back information about the world around them. Sensors can usually be given power or have that power cut. They may be awoken or activated and then returned to a sleeping/low power use state. The may need to be asked to begin a single reading or they may continuously return data. They must be capable of returning the value of their readings to a logger of some type.


module Conductivity via Analog Electrical Resistance
module AOSong AM2315
module AOSong DHT
module Atlas Scientific EZO Circuits
module Bosch BME280
module Analog Sensors via TI ADS1x15
module Freescale Semiconductor MPL115A2
module Keller Water Level Sensors
module MaxBotix MaxSonar
module Maxim DS18
module Maxim DS3231 RTC
module Measurement Specialties MS5803
module PaleoTerra Redox
module Processor Metadata
module Trinket Tipping Bucket
module SDI-12 Sensors
module Tally Counter I2C
module TI INA219
module Yosemitech Sensors