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SIMComSIM7000.h file

Contains the SIMComSIM7000 subclass of loggerModem for Botletics other modules based on the SIMCOM SIM7000.


class SIMComSIM7000
The loggerModem subclass for Botletics, And1, and other modules based on the SIMCOM SIM7000.


#define TINY_GSM_MODEM_SIM7000
The modem type for the underlying TinyGSM library.
The loggerModem::_statusLevel.
#define SIM7000_STATUS_TIME_MS = 5000L
The loggerModem::_statusTime_ms.
#define SIM7000_RESET_LEVEL = LOW
The loggerModem::_resetLevel.
#define SIM7000_RESET_PULSE_MS = 300
The loggerModem::_resetPulse_ms.
#define SIM7000_WAKE_LEVEL = LOW
The loggerModem::_wakeLevel.
#define SIM7000_WAKE_PULSE_MS = 1100
The loggerModem::_wakePulse_ms.
#define SIM7000_WAKE_DELAY_MS = 1000L
The loggerModem::_wakeDelayTime_ms.
#define SIM7000_ATRESPONSE_TIME_MS = 4500
The loggerModem::_max_atresponse_time_ms.
#define SIM7000_DISCONNECT_TIME_MS = 7000L
The loggerModem::_disconnetTime_ms.