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Supported Data Endpoints module

All implemented data endpoint (publisher) classes

A dataPublisher is a abstract concept. It is something that "watches" the logger for new data and correctly formats and sends that data to some online web service.


class DreamHostPublisher
The DreamHostPublisher subclass of dataPublisher is for publishing data to the Stroud Center's now-deprecated DreamHost based live sensor data system.
class EnviroDIYPublisher
The EnviroDIYPublisher subclass of dataPublisher for publishing data to the Monitor My Watershed/EnviroDIY data portal at
class ThingSpeakPublisher
The ThingSpeakPublisher subclass of dataPublisher for publishing data to ThingSpeak using the MQTT protocol.
class UbidotsPublisher
The UbidotsPublisher subclass of dataPublisher for publishing data to the Ubidots data portal at


#define MS_SEND_BUFFER_SIZE = 750
Send Buffer.

Define documentation

#define MS_SEND_BUFFER_SIZE = 750

Send Buffer.

This determines how many characters to set out at once over the TCP/UDP connection. Increasing this may decrease data use by a loger, while decreasing it will save memory. Do not make it smaller than 47 (to keep all variable values with their UUID's) or bigger than 1500 (a typical TCP/UDP Maximum Transmission Unit).

This can be changed by setting the build flag MS_SEND_BUFFER_SIZE when compiling.